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Pickled Walnut - Catering with character


As a Global Leader in the Service business  will strive to fulfill nationally and internationally recognized food safety rules and put in place appropriate system and proactive control procedures to safeguard the food prepared and served throughout its operations. To ensure consistency of top food safety standard LAZURD & Lazurd catering Company  realizes the significance of continuous improvement via adopting  innovative  and updated workable techniques and methods developed by specialized institutions worldwide. My Cuisine is committed to implement this food safety management system which is aligned to the Codex Alimentations Commission Guidelines for the application of HACCP. The system is the responsibility of line management, with the active support of all concerned employees.

Our Story

The word “Lazurd” is derived from the semi-precious stone called 'Lapis Lazuli'. This stone’s beauty, and unique deep blue colour, distinguishes it from all other stones- including precious ones. In 2005 Lazurd Catering Company was born. We started as a small catering operation where we didn't even have a proper office, it really was a small set-up; yet we managed to secure a small contract from a friend. The contract entailed providing ready made meals to support all the staff working at one of the oil drills, as they really were stuck out in the middle of nowhere. With this, Lazurd was on its way up the ladder. While it was a small start it provided us with the necessary confidence to seek bigger contracts, and gain more momentum for the business.